Labels & Colour Coding

A colour code filing system is essential to an efficient central file room. Colour coding helps users retrieve and file records more efficiently. Colour indexing guides users to files and helps potential misfiles stand out as they break a rhythm of colour.

ProSpace Solutions also offers various numeric and alphanumeric labels. These labels can be used to create a custom filing system or are available individually.

  • Colour coding systems are configured for alphabetical or numeric filing systems in smaller offices and in terminal digit filing systems in file rooms with more than 10,000 records. A good colour coding system will not only help eliminate misfiles but also prevent possible backshifting of records that occurs in filing cabinet systems as the number of files increase. A colour coding system will greatly decrease the time it takes to retrieve and return a file folder.

    Colour coding can be configured in different ways. Each configuration can optionally include a bar code or label coating.

    • Terminal Digit
    • Numeric
    • Alpha
    • Alpha Numeric
  • Our expertise in developing efficient, functioning, pre-coded colour coded labels is unparalleled in the industry. ProSpace has provided hundreds of clients, ranging from municipalities, credit unions, and businesses with custom designed labels.

    A custom made labeling system can be created, or labels can be made available individually.