Mobile Storage

High-density mobile storage is an ideal solution for almost any storage challenge. A mobile storage system creates a movable isle that can compact storage space and increase open floor area.

Regardless of the industry, efficient use of space is key to overall business efficiency. Spaces including offices, locker rooms, police stations, archives, golf courses, and retail stores can greatly benefit from faster, more efficient item retrieval.

Mobile systems are custom made to the application with various shelving, colour, size, and movement options.

  • A mobile storage system allows for increased storage density with a smaller footprint. This frees up space that can be used for business activites rather than storage. During storage, mobile carriages allow for files or equipment to be physically segregated, reducing the risk of misplacement.

  • ProSpace mobile filing systems can be constructed out of aluminum or steel. Drive mechanisms are configured to meet any size, environment, or weight load.

  • Mobile carriages can be driven by either a mechanical drive via a hand crank or an electric motor at the push of a button.

    Mechanical drives feature built in aisle control and varying gear ratios depending on the application. An ergonomic handle allows for effortless carriage movement.

  • ProSpace carries multiple track types including recessed, floor mounted, low profile, and anti-tip. Anti-tip track prevents tipping or shifting of carriages under duress (such as an earthquake).

  • ProSpace has developed a mobile storage system that meets the requirements of cold food and medical storage. Designed to prevent rust and maintain smooth operation in refrigerator and freezer temperatures.